About Us

Garibsons (Pvt.) Ltd., is a family-owned business established in 1976. The company is an ISO 9001:2000/ HACCP & BRC certified company and its IFS (International Foods Standards) certification is in progress. Our main lines of business include:

Rice Exports

Our processes include Husking, Parboiling, Steaming, Rice Reprocessing, Milling, Color Sorting, Packing and Exporting.

Captive Printing / Packaging Setup

An independent setup for printing and packaging.

Flour Milling

An integrated, state-of-the-art Flour Milling setup to cater to growing production demands.

Building Materials

HDF, MDF, Fibreboard, Particle Board, Laminated Sheets and Wood-based paneling. These products are manufactured in an ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 approved facility, which is the largest in Pakistan.

PP Woven Bags Production

Garibsons has its own PP bag printing facility, enabling quick turnaround and support to meet export targets and timelines.

Inhouse Freight Clearing / Forwarding

Our Flour Milling setup is scalable to meet growing production demands.