Mughal is a world-renowned brand of rice and wheat flour by Garibsons and is one of the largest-selling brands in all modern trade outlets in Pakistan and is internationally registered and marketed across 60 countries worldwide. Mughal is geared towards a variety of price ranges with the simple guarantee that our rice cooks longer, is more aromatic with a stronger grain. Mughal wheat, on the other hand, has both a high protein as well as gluten content which is popular in the international market, making Garibsons 1st in the list of Top Rice Exporters of Pakistan and 11th in Top 100 Exporters of Pakistan.

Since 1996, we have scaled our plant capacity from 5 to 120 tons/hour across Punjab and Sindh. With core values of honesty, integrity, commitment, consistency, and dedication at heart, we aim to diversify our product lines and increase our local and international consumer base to contribute meaningfully towards the progress and growth of Pakistan’s economy.

Garibsons is also a preferred supplier of rice to more than 60 countries. If you are interested in importing a custom mix of Pakistani Basmati rice for your brand, please contact us.

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